What is this site?

We are living in an era where sensationalized journalism, marketing campaigns and political speeches take advantage of the human psychology in order to spread opinions as facts and profit off of this. I am tired of this bullshit and if you share my sentiment, you are at the right place.

    The philosophy is simple, in a pragmatic analysis of a concept we avoid to ground our assumptions based on an idealized world. While the proper term for this world view is realism, words have a way of changing meaning the more they are used incorrectly. Unfortunately realism has become a synonym for pessimism, therefore it would be better to adopt a new term, pragmatism. This describes in general a practical approach but it stems from the Greek word for real. Apart from the name this is not an outlet for philosophical apophthegms.

    Fortunately, we have tools with which we can establish the actual truth [the need for the adjective is truly a sign of our times]. It is straightforward to test a hypothesis using mathematical logic, statistics or even -increasingly rare- common sense. After revising our assumptions and uncovering the mechanisms, tactics and factors behind a system based on deception, we can formulate a strategy to beat it.

    While these may seem as an assortment of "life hacks", the goal is very different. There is no prescription of a specific subjective optimal solution (as any definition of objectivity will be subjective) but rather a redefinition of assumptions used that were based on misconceptions.

    As a short example, you will not find instructions on turning tin cans into flower pots but you may find a thorough examination of the quality/cost of buying canned foods, the health risks and the shortcuts the food industry takes to maximize profits from these products. This would be followed by a description of strategies that are better given a set of pragmatic criteria, i.e. monetary and/or time cost.

    Lastly, deserving a category on its own, we have the brainwashing behemoth that is modern media. While these reviews of pop culture, music, movies and "news" are more lighthearted and hyperbolic they do shine a light on the inanity of the modern entertainment paradigm.

- The Pragmatist

New articles

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How do you discern if something is good value if you dont know what it's worth?  

How to: Commuting

If you adjust for commuting, you are probably being paid 25% less than what you think you are. Here are the facts.  

Government regulated theft: Fuel

In this installment: The "hidden" additional income tax, to the tune of several percent (1.2% (US) , 3.5% (UK)) of your pre-tax salary.  


  • Theory: Read these first as they provide the basis on which more specific examples are examined.

  • Unscammable: High level analysis of popular industries and presentation of pragmatic strategies to negotiate the "minefields".

  • Popular culture: Reviews and analysis of trends and current entertainment under the same pragmatic "lens" as "serious" topics.