About The Pragmatist

Why is your writing so bad?

    I am not a native English speaker nor I have been taught proper English as I'm mostly self-taught through the Internet. Personally I would say this is a positive thing as I'm unable to sensationalize or appear as a sophist by mistake.

Why don't you cite your sources?

    It is remarkably easy this day and age to find "information" and "statistics" to support any side of any argument. This is because any imbecile can write whatever they want, even on reputable platforms. Now, you will jump yelling I am a hypocrite as this is the exact thing I'm doing and that's exactly why I don't cite any sources.

    In contrast to randomly finding crap, I challenge you to use common sense and logic and do not expect you to believe me automatically. I trust you are intelligent enough to research anything I say for yourself.

In case I have a provable error anywhere I strongly encourage you to let me know.

Why don't you use any pictures or colors?

    Pictures and color are used for entertainment and to ease up reading. Just because the medium makes it very simple to add meaningless pictures to fill up space it doesn't mean it should be that way. It's very easy to add pictures to paper as-well but you only see those in children books, and there's a reason for that. Figures though are a different story as you might imagine.

How often do you update?

As often as I have time/material/ideas/revelations.

Are you an atheist?

    In the strict/common definition yes, but if you relax the definition of god(s) to "more evolved beings somewhere in the universe" then no. I believe in superior beings existing somewhere in the universe because it's statistically very probable. 

Where can I contact you?


Are you a follower/believer/part of XYZ ideology/religion/culture/subculture/organization?