The Value of Anything

How do you discern if something is good value if you dont know what it's worth?  

How to: Commuting

If you adjust for commuting, you are probably being paid 25% less than what you think you are. Here are the facts.  

Exploiting a fallacious mindset

A weird tale of ducks, gold, whiskey and how this leads to you emptying your wallet.  

Always bet on the Bottom Line

The "carrot and a stick" does not only work on horses.  

Formal proofs: No magic bullets

They are called magic for a reason, they don't exist.  

When lifehacks are handicaps

Sometimes "lifehacks" are just garbage to fill websites. Just like the ads of moronic products shown late night on TV.  

The art of mass hypnotism

Have you ever wondered it seems statistically improbable that the vast majority of people behave the same?  

From the walllet to the dustbin

Your income is higher than you think, the problem is you keep throwing 50% of it into the trash.  

What is your life worth?

If you refuse to acknowledge there is a pragmatic answer to this question (other than cliche "life is priceless") leaves you blindfolded.  

The Bottom Line

As we all know, the modus operandi of every successful business. But what really is sacrificed in the name of profit?