Government regulated theft: Fuel

In this installment: The "hidden" additional income tax, to the tune of several percent (1.2% (US) , 3.5% (UK)) of your pre-tax salary.  

Government regulated theft: Tobacco

In this installment: "exploitation of addicts", a tactic used by pimps and governments alike.  

The Hollywood formulae: Science fiction

The era of "technology themed fantasy stories" is upon us, unfortunately.  

The Hollywood formulae: Comedy

Maybe we can rename the term comedy movie to "Wilson/Sandler" flick.  

The Hollywood formulae: Action

Time for someone to produce "The little tortilla boy".  

The Hollywood formulae

Why does it feel like modern movies are of low quality, unoriginal regurgitated junk? Because they are.  

Food industry lies: Biological bullshit

Would you buy  water marketed as "self certified, fat and sugar free, with no added flavourings" for twice the price? Why do you buy organic food then?

The real liquid gold

Did you ever wonder if your urine could cost you its weight in gold?  

The ever changing health "facts"

A summary on why modern proactive medicine and dietology are a money grab or at the very least complete bullshit.  

The priceless carbon

Probably the most prevalent example of an overpriced commodity, diamonds. Do not be surprised to learn their true value.  

How to become unscammable:

  1. Identify that you are being scammed.

  2. Uncover the general strategy and tactics used against you, "The Swindle Strategy and Tactics"

  3. Formulate the best solution to protect yourself from the scam, "The Pragmatist Approach"